Perspektif Hukum Islam terhadap Perlindungan Hak Asasi Perempuan

  • Muhammad Gazali Rahman
Keywords: Women, Human Rights, Islamic Law


This paper examines women's human rights in the view of Islamic law. Reality shows that the position of women has always been placed in a class that is lower than the position of men. The lower placement of women's positions was not only shaped by the culture of deep-rooted civilization, but also influenced by religious doctrines which considered women's nature to make their destiny under men. Islam whose presence was proclaimed was the first milestone to re-elevate the dignity of women and did not move towards the dominant interpretation of religion which also positioned women lower than men. Therefore, this paper is intended to re-show how Islamic law actually gives rights that should be attached to women in various spheres of life. Search and objective reading of religious arguments are needed to return to providing the right perspective and the appropriate portion for women so that Islam does not join the accused as a religion involved in tackling women's rights without the slightest protection argument.