Mengungkap Keunikan Tafsir Aceh

  • Fauzi Saleh
Keywords: Tafsir Aceh, corak penafsiran, tafsir


Aceh that well-known as “Mecca Verandah†has produced the ulemas with the great works. Aceh’s ulema considered as the first who wrote tafseer (Quranic interpretation) ini Malay language in South East Asia. The tafseer was composed by Abdurrauf al-Singkili. There were still many tafseer books written Aceh’s ulemas need to be explored. This paper will explained several of them and their unique substance. That is important to be mentioned that the ulemas wrote the tafseers in a book, part of the books, article, even mixed with other field of knowledge. The writer will also focuses on method and type of tafseer as Aceh’s ulama works. The creativity of ulemas can be traced through their books of tafseer such “Turjumunul Mustafid, an-Nur, Al-Qur’anul Karim dan Terjemah Bebas Bersajak dalam Bahasa Aceh†etc. These tafseers generally had been written based on tahlili method. Meanwhile the type of tafseer that used consisted of fiqhi, sufi and also ‘ilmi.