Death in The Tinilo Pa'ita Text from The Perspective of Human Philosophy Karl Jaspers

  • Nazar Husain Hadi Pranata Wibawa Universitas Gadjahmada Yogyakarta
  • Septiana Dwiputri Maharani Universitas Gadjahmada Yogyakarta
  • Hardono Hadi Universitas Gadjahmada Yogyakarta
Keywords: budaya gorontalo, naskah tinilo paita, kematian, filsafat manusia, karl jaspers


This paper focuses on examining the Tinilo Pa'ita manuscript originating from Gorontalo in Karl Jaspers' human philosophy. This research method is library research supported by field research. Library research uses library data collection methods, while field research uses observation, participatory interviews. Data analysis uses interpretation, historical, heuristics, and reflection. This paper has the aim of finding the essence of death in the manuscript entitled Tinilo Pa'ita. The findings of this paper are that death is an inheritance. Humans who prepare well for death will live their lives well. The next generation will always remember humans for their excellent services.


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