Farabi 2023-06-20T07:03:13+00:00 Sunandar Macpal Open Journal Systems <div id="journalDescription"> <p>Welcome to Farabi Journal</p> <p>Farabi (e-Journal) (ISSN <a href=";1180426249&amp;1&amp;&amp;">1907-0993</a>; E-ISSN: <a href=";1421292269&amp;1&amp;&amp;">2442-8264</a>) is an academic journal published by the LPPM, IAIN Sultan Amai Gorontalo, INDONESIA. Farabi (e-Journal) is an academic journal published twice a year (every six months, ie Juni and December). Farabi Journal had been indexed by <a href="!">SINTA</a> DOAJ, GOOGLE SCHOLAR, MORAREF, and IPI. This journal focuses on Ushuluddin and Islamic Thought.</p> <p>It dedicates as public space to develop and promote Islamic thought, idea, and philosophy based on the original research and current issues, such as the following but not limited to these specific issues;</p> <ul> <li class="show"><strong>Living Qur'an and Living Hadith: </strong>Quranic/Hadith daily lives practiced by the certain Muslim community,</li> <li class="show"><strong>Islam and local wisdom: </strong>relation of Islam and culture, the practice of Islamic teaching in the Muslim community, and other local culture practiced by the certain Muslim community</li> <li class="show"><strong>Islam and Politic: </strong>Islamic radicalism, Islamic activism/movement, state and religion relation, and the dynamic of Islamic political party</li> <li class="show"><strong>Inter-religious dialogue: </strong>interaction and relation between Muslim and non-Muslim community in the daily lives, religious harmony, and policy about the religious relation in certain communities or countries</li> <li class="show"><strong>Islamic Philosophy: </strong>the Muslim philosopher thought which is contextualizing with the current Muslim community life; and</li> <li class="show">Other issues which are socially, culturally, and politically correlate to the Islamic and Muslim community development.</li> </ul> <p>Hereby, this journal warmly welcomes contributions from scholars of related disciplines.</p> </div> <p> </p> Dakwah di Serambi Madinah; Studi Terhadap Metode Dakwah Muhammad Iqbal Pakaya di Kota Gorontalo 2023-06-14T08:03:56+00:00 Wahidah Suryani Arfan Nusi Indra Dewi Sery Yusuf <p>This research is a study of da'wah in Gorontalo City known as Serambi Medina. This study is a descriptive-qualitative field research. The data were obtained through free and in-depth interviews with resource persons and observations made in several Ust da'wah assemblies. Iqbal Pakaya. With a semi-biographical approach, researchers studied the da'wah carried out by a well-known preacher in Gorontalo, Ust. Muhammad Iqbal Pakaya who has a unique style of lectures. This distinctive way of da'wah turned out to have its own place in the hearts of the people of Gorontalo. Whenever Ustad Muhammad Iqbal was present, people were captivated and did not leave before the event was over. Not only the way of da'wah is alluring, Ust's da'wah material. Iqbal Pakaya was in accordance with the conditions and needs of his mad'u (object of da'wah). The concept and model of da'wah ustad Muhammad Iqbal Pakaya discusses more everyday things that are close to mad'u accompanied by the concept of humor so that it is easy to understand.</p> 2023-06-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Wahidah Suryani, Arfan Nusi, Indra Dewi Sery Yusuf