Learning To Live Together: Penanaman Karakter pada Anak Usia Dini di Lembaga PAUD Islam


  • Ismail SM
  • M. Agung Hidayatulloh


PAUD, PAUD Islam, Learning to Live Together


This paper explores about 1) the importance of application pillar of “Learning to live together†as an effort to implement character on children under five years at PAUD Islam schools; (2) learning activities which reflect the application pillar at PAUD Islam institution; and (3) kind of characters which are built as the effect of the application pillar on children under five at PAUD Islam schools. In this paper, the qualitative research data was obtained from the teachers of PAUD (RA) through questionnaire distribution. The research result showed that pillar “Learning to live together†remains importance to be implemented on children under five years old, particularly at PAUD Islam schools. It is because of early years period is a golden age for children to reserve all aspects which they learned and saw. Also it is based on Qur’anic teachings. Among the activities which reflected the application pillar are beam playing, sightseeing, role playing, and heroic stories.Therefore, the character values should be wholly implemented on the children under five years old which can be built through the application pillar on “Learning to live togetherâ€.