Studi Historis Perkembangan Kaderisasi Ulama dalam Menghasilkan Fukaha


  • Rizal Darwis



Ulama, Regeneration, Fuqaha, Islamic Boarding Schools, Industrial Revolution 4.0


The existence of ulama as heirs of the Prophet occupies a strategic role in solving religious problems that occur in society. This research is a library research with the data source in the form of documentation. The data collected were analyzed using a qualitative descriptive method through a historical approach. The results showed that the existence of ulama needs to be maintained through a regeneration model. Historically, the ulama’s regeneration model has been implemented since the era of the Prophet Muhammad, khulafa al-rasyidun, the formation of the school of thought to the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. The ulama’s regeneration models are carried out using the question and answer model, the determination model, the story model, the da'wah model, and the demonstration model. The model for the regeneration of ulama in Indonesia is carried out with the model of education in Religious Higher Education, Islamic boarding schools and the education of ulama regeneration.




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Darwis, R. (2020). Studi Historis Perkembangan Kaderisasi Ulama dalam Menghasilkan Fukaha. Al-Mizan (e-Journal), 16(1), 101–126.