Bahasa Positif Sebagai Sarana Pengembangan Pendidikan Moral Anak


  • Siti Saudah


bahasa positif, Pendidikan karakter, pendidikan moral


Moral degradation is getting widerspread in Indonesia. Polite, friendly, and religious manners have been displaced as the effects of  modern lifestyle. Hence, moral values is very important to be developed from the early ages. This paper is an outlook to address moral education on children based on research. The research methods used are observation, mentoring and questionnaire. Data analysis is conducted  by describing the results of observation during the mentoring and  calculating the results of questionnaire with spss 15.0.  Mentoring is conducted by building  the habit of using  positive language  in class through 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The development of moral education of the students can be seen from the results of the questionnaire: pre-test conducted before mentoring and post test conducted after mentoring. The researh result shows that pre-test featured 46 % and post-test was 54%. It means that there is an increase of 8 % on mentoring. Therefore, it can be concluded that positive language that often used or  listened by the students will influence  their ways of thinking that finally will build the students’ character.